Above & Beyond Talent Acquisition Announces Participation in the New York Jets Small Business Partner Program

Uniting Business and Sports, A&B Talent Acquisition Embarks on a Three-Season Journey as a New York Jets Small Business Partner

New York, NY – December 1, 2023 — Above & Beyond Talent Acquisition (A&B Talent Acquisition), a leading NYC based full-service staffing firm, is proud to announce its participation in the New York Jets Small Business Partner program. Aligning A&B Talent with one of the most recognized sports franchises in the country and marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth and community engagement efforts.

As part of this partnership, A&B Talent Acquisition will benefit from multiple brand activations at New York Jets games, offering exceptional visibility and networking opportunities. This partnership is set to run for the next three seasons, showcasing A&B’s long-term commitment to continued growth in the community.

A&B Talent Acquisition’s founder Keith Harper expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “I’ve been a Jets fan ever since I moved to New York over 30 years ago. It feels like a dream fulfilled having A&B’s brand associated with a franchise I love!”

This Sunday’s game against the Falcons will mark the unveiling of A&B’s logo prominently featured throughout the stadium. This exposure is a testament to A&B’s dedication to supporting local communities and sports teams, further solidifying its position as a leader in the staffing industry.

“A&B Talent Acquisition’s participation in the New York Jets Small Business Partner program is a celebration of shared values, commitment, hard work and community spirit,” said Harper. “We look forward to bringing together the best of business and sports as a part of the New York Jets Small Business Partner Program.”

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About Above & Beyond Talent Acquisition, Inc. (A&B Talent Acquisition):
A&B Talent Acquisition is a premier full-service staffing firm based in New York, with offices in Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Europe, specializing in connecting top talent with leading companies. Driven by an inclusive and empathetic approach to recruitment, A&B Talent has established itself as a key player in the staffing industry.

About the New York Jets Small Business Partner Program:
The New York Jets Small Business Partner program is an initiative designed to support and promote small businesses through brand visibility and networking opportunities at Jets games and events.

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