Our Background

Above and Beyond Talent Acquisition is driven by our mission to increase executive diversity among Fortune 500 companies. Founded by Keith Harper, our Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) is dedicated to helping highly qualified, diverse individuals achieve their professional dreams while matching companies with the best, most qualified talent on the market.

Diversity Certified & Minority Owned Business

Meet Our Team

Keith Harper


A former US Army ROTC Cadet, Keith honed his talent-sourcing skills over 25 years scaling staffing firms across North America. A proud graduate of the esteemed historically black college, Hampton University, and holder of a Master’s degree from Columbia University, Keith saw the need for more representation in executive leadership.

This passion led to the inception of A&B Talent – an organization that aims to close the diversity gap that still persists in many of the most respected and impactful organizations on the planet.

Dianne Hillman-Attoff

Director of Sales

Holding a Bachelor’s in Business and Marketing from UNISA, Dianne launched her tech sales career in NYC. Rising to a top sales rep, she learned honesty and transparency build trust. Now Director of Technology Sales at A&B Talent, she leads with integrity and fosters the same in her team.

Dianne’s a dedicated volunteer for equal opportunities. In her downtime, she loves Pilates, dance, and exploring new recipes. Nature fuels her creativity. She envisions a tech future led by integrity and compassion. Her commitment to these values is unwavering. At A&B Talent, Dianne embodies our ethos of inclusion, integrity, and professionalism.

Alexa Nuñez

Account Manager

Based in the Dominican Republic. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Strategic Intelligence from (PUCMM), Alexa is also a Digital Marketing course graduate from Accenture and the University of Leeds. Fluent in both Spanish and English, she’s an active member of the SHRM Global community. 

Alexa’s journey started as an Admin Assistant in 2021, igniting her passion for the talent management industry. She swiftly advanced from Chief of Staff to her current role, drawing inspiration from A&B Talent’s growth opportunities and values like leadership, communication, team work, and integrity.

Ramon Bello

Recruiting Manager

At A&B Talent, Ramón cherishes the supportive team dynamics where ideas are valued, and everyone works together towards common goals. This collaborative spirit not only enhances the work experience but also contributes to their success in finding the best-fit candidates for our clients.

Ramon finds fulfillment in the dynamic nature of recruiting, where each candidate and position present unique challenges. Navigating the competitive talent market and crafting effective recruitment strategies keep his job interesting. 

He thoroughly enjoys the demands of critical thinking and creative solutions required in this role. Additionally, mentoring and empowering the recruiting team at A&B brings him great satisfaction as he witnesses their growth and success.

Ramón’s approach begins with understanding the hiring needs for each position. He then develops a comprehensive recruitment strategy outlining the sourcing channels, timeline, and key performance indicators. This meticulous process involves an in-depth review of the candidates based on their qualifications and experience. He actively engages with hiring managers and teams to ensure alignment on candidate profiles, interview processes, and evaluation criteria, ensuring a streamlined and effective recruitment process.

Ronald Rossmann

Recruiting Manager

Based in Charlotte,  NC, Originally from Toms River, NJ, Ronald moved to Charlotte, in 1987. While in college, he pursued seminary studies with the aim of becoming a pastor. His career journey began early, starting work at the age of 15 and rising to become a regional manager by 24. In 2007, he ventured into entrepreneurship, founding his own event planning and film production company.

Alongside his professional pursuits, Ronald dons the iconic cape as Batman for various local charities and non-profits, spreading hope and joy to children in need.

Ronald’s creative endeavors include producing web series and full-length features, with notable achievements including an Amazon Prime Video series and multiple award-winning films. He’s also a published author, with two self-published novels and another set for full publication this year.

With seven years of experience in full desk recruiting and business development, Ronald brings a wealth of expertise to his role at A&B Talent. However, his involvement in talent acquisition and development spans an impressive three decades.

Ronald’s core values are rooted in integrity, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence. He believes in the power of recruiting to positively impact lives, seeing it as an opportunity to effect real and meaningful change.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ronald is deeply committed to bringing hope and joy to children facing adversity. He sees his role as a father and husband as his greatest accomplishment, prioritizing family and love above all else.

Brittany Whitlow

Recruiting Manager

With a passion for bridging the gap between clients and candidates, Brittany began her journey in the recruiting industry in 2017 as an Administrative Assistant. Within a week, she was promoted to a Staffing Coordinator/Recruiter and has been dedicated to the field ever since.

In her role, Brittany finds fulfillment in sharing her knowledge and experience with others, mentoring and training her team for success. She thrives on the excitement of helping others find employment opportunities and assisting companies in staffing their needs.

Having recently joined A&B, Brittany appreciates the collaborative environment where she can work with a team of like-minded individuals all striving towards common goals. Based in Charlotte, NC, she is an avid sports fan, particularly passionate about basketball. In her free time, Brittany enjoys coaching AAU and High School basketball, as well as cooking, traveling, and staying active through workouts.

Our team places relationship-building at the heart of the hiring journey and continually optimizes placement processes to set new standards in talent-sourcing.

We understand the many benefits of diverse leadership teams and work tirelessly to connect talented professionals to high-level opportunities.

We believe in the power of partnership

Partnering with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), diversity organizations, and institutions, we ensure a constant influx of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our collaborative efforts with like-minded Fortune 500 companies have not only created numerous executive opportunities but also fostered an environment of continuous growth and development for our candidates.

Our recent accolades, including a place in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs Access Network 2023,
Cohort and participation in the NY Knicks/JP Morgan Chase Small Business Program, demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

We strive to facilitate the exchange of high-level opportunities and secure the continuous supply of diverse director and executive-level candidates to the Fortune 500.

Our Services

Staff Augmentation Services

Executive Search Services 

Full-Time Employee Placement 

Our goal is to provide the best talent in the most efficient manner, helping our clients save costs and mitigate risks.

We work hand-in-glove with departments throughout our client companies, including Procurement, HR, Hiring Managers, Accounting, and Legal.

We also assist candidates with resume building, interview coaching, and direct connections to top job opportunities. We strongly believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, and we’re determined to elevate diverse representation in VP, Director, and C-Suite roles across Fortune 500 companies.

Join us on our mission to change the landscape of leadership

With A&B Talent, you're not just recruiting talent - You're promoting a culture of inclusion where every employee feels welcomed and valued.

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