Insurance Recruiting

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Above and Beyond Talent Acquisition has been recruiting for the insurance industry in different capacities for over 20 years.  We are very familiar with the various position requirements, regulations and skills needed to be successful. Our recruiters use their vast experience to thoroughly qualify every candidate before presentation to our client.  We ensure a pre-screened full assessment of their knowledge, experience and capabilities. We are extremely effective supplying quality insurance resources at every level, as we are capable of handling every phase of the insurance employment spectrum.

Our Insurance Expertise Includes Placement of:

• IT Professionals
• Business Analyst
• Programmers
• Non-IT Professionals
• Management Professionals
• Programmers
• Network Admins
• Developers
• Admin Assistants
• Marketing Professionals
• Project Managers
• Network Engineers
• QA Testers
• Finance Professionals
• Procurement Professionals


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